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Bers Pro Update - November 2009 

Dear ,

Welcome to the November edition of the BERS Pro E-Bulletin.

Over recent months Holger has been working to improve BERS Pro that will see the addition of new features to the software in 2010.

As a tool for Thermal Performance Assessments, BERS Pro now includes the ability for assessors to model slab edge insulation where required (see below).

A revised Certifier friendly Report from within BERS Pro is being developed for release in the New Year.

As a tool for Home Sustainability Assessments, BERS Pro will have new features added in the near future that enables assessors to calculate energy and water consumption in a home as well.


Go to and follow the onscreen instructions to download  the latest cadtry update file.

If you are unsure of how to update the software or wish to revisit the procedure, visit the following website and read the Bers E-Bulletin of 20th March 2009 that details the correct update procedure.

Link -

Once completed, check the correct version date is displayed (see below) and re run the trial1_1.ber benchmark file.

Slab Edge Insulation

Assessors can now model slab edge insulation in BERS Pro.

The slab edge insulation is only to be modelled in BERS Pro where required by the BCA.

On completion of drawing your zones, go to the properties for a zone and select the floor element.

If the floor type is slab on ground, a new slide bar appears in the window that allows you to nominate the R value of slab edge insulation.



The slide bar only appears when slab on ground is selected as the floor type. The bar does NOT appear in the defaults screen. Providing you have combined the sub floor spaces of zones, nominating the R value of the slab edge insulation in one zone will be replicated in all applicable zones. 


It has come to our attention that some users are in breach of their licence agreement for using BERS Pro by installing the software on more than one computer and allowing users other than the licence holder to use the software.

The software licence allows the licence holder to install the software on a desktop and a laptop for their use only.

Mutliple users are expressly forbidden.

If more than one person uses BERS Pro in your office and you are sharing a single copy of the software you are in breach of the licence agreement.

Multiple users of BERS Pro must have their own licences.

Contact Holger at for more details.


Our schedule for early 2010 has been published on .
Opportunites exist for refresher courses in most States.

Feedback from assessors who have attended our recent one day courses have been positive. The ability to review how the software works, to relearn and revisit modeling techniques and to come away with examples of solutions to real life examples were highlighted.

If you were trained sometime ago, it may be worthwhile to attend and "brush" up on your techniques at a one day course.

Help Wanted

In 2010 we plan to publish assessor "Fact Sheets".

These sheets will contain tips on how to model typical building materials and constructions in BERS Pro.

EG. How to model bonded blanket correctly to the underside of metal roofing or how to model bulk insulation correctly in a brick veneer wall allowing for air gaps automatically created in BERS Pro..

We need our registered software users to tell us what things they are having trouble modelling in the software or what they just want guidance with.

Ideas on what you want covered in the Fact Sheets can be sent to Michael at 

Windows 7

Upgraded to Windows 7 yet??

BERS Pro installs and runs on the new version of Windows with no apparent issues (This bulletin is being written on a Windows 7 (64 bit) machine). Unlike Vista, it is not a requirement to run BERS Pro in "administrator mode" all the time.

The migration to a 64 bit machine has also been positive. The 6GB of RAM means simulations now take even less time!!  

Merry Christmas to all.

Michael Plunkett

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